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Fellow Adventure Riders,
I'll keep this short and sweet as I should be getting on the new KTM 700RR that Darren Wilson and I have developed over the last 18 months in the next hour or so to head off on a new all dirt across Australia crossing from Byron Bay to Steep Point.
The course will be the same as what the late Tony Kirby as well as Phil Hodgson's and Bill Lava have taken from Birdsville on, but John Hudson has modified the first quarter of the trip so that in reality we will only be travelling 300 km of bitumen in the whole crossing. This no doubt would have been the course that Tony Kirby would have liked to have taken, but was redirected many years ago due to torrential rain causing flooding for the first 1500 km.
John will be riding a new KTM 1190 R Adventure and we will both be leaving from Byron Bay on Saturday morning. We are not going for any record as it is a all-new course, but more so to create the course and do a shakedown for especially this new KTM 700RR Adventure that Darren and I hope to put into production in the near future.
Here is my Spot Track link if you are keen to follow our progress  http://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=06Eg056P5GPra6DCEaN0nN3GKt5UC8CzI
Stay tuned for a new adventure newsletter in September.

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Franco Ambrosio on Dalby Moto :

For fear of adding another email to your inbox, it must be said that you're an exceptional human being. 
I must be one of thousands upon thousands of customers/riders demanding your time/expertise and you have never failed to deliver: 

(1)discussing my dream 690 setup for hours in person at your shop and the bike show as well as by phone/email; 

(2)spending your day off seeing if the 950SE tank would fit the 690R frame without my even having bought the bike yet; 

(3)delivering my 690 in the middle of the night all the way from Dalby gratis then still giving me a complete handover; 

(4)sorting out my warranty claim pronto; 

(5)giving me an awesome itinerary to Barossa via Wilpena I wouldn't have otherwise tried.

I'll say it again: Dalby Moto is the very best!



The Yamaha Super Tenere is a large adventure bike that ticks a lot of boxes in all the right places.

Ride comfort is second to none with a brilliant seat for both pillion and rider, and to back that up the only bike Robyn will usually sit on the back of is a GL1800 Luxury Goldwing and she liked it.
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