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KTM 700 Adventure Progress

We are on the way, the first bike got picked up on the 6/1/14, bike number 2 is going out today and we have half a dozen confirmed on the board. In the next 2-3  weeks it is my intention to contact everyone we have spoken to in the last 6 months to see what the intentions are for placing orders.

It has been a whirlwind couple of months for both Darren and I since the Sydney Motorcycle Show with 2 more magazine tests with Tom Foster from Adventure Rider Magazine and Trail Zone Magazine, multiple trips to Brisbane and the Gold Coast to Darren’s finalising small details, plus more dismantling and assembling of bikes and kits, plus the odd test/play ride.

It’s amazing how many little obstacles get in the way when producing something like this.
We have enough parts for 3 more full kits now and we hope in the next 2-3 weeks we will be up to close to 10 full kits in stock.
The new graphics look unreal, since the Sydney show, we contracted KustomMX who do all the KTM racing team work to do fork protectors, swingarm, rear sidecovers and fairing and also a small HARD logo stocker, they all finish the bike off really well.
The only male and female plug we have not been able to source to make it a total unplug and plug kit for the wiring is the small 10ml by 12ml white 2 wire plug on the regulator rectifier, its the one with the 2 red and white wires coming out of the reg/rec. Just thought I’d put it out to all you guys as there are some pretty smart cookies amongst the Adventure fraternity. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
We have decided that once we have the instructions completed, that any kits that are sent out will be sent with all main components assembled, so you will receive an assembled headlight tower, ass tower mount to go on the frame, ass lower tank and bashplate mount, assembled fuel tanks, fairings and dashboard, wiring harness will be a main power wire for both headlights complete with relay to plug to the original headlight plug, and patch leads for the fuel pump and reserve light sensor and hopefully for the reg/rec. The fuel lines and breathers will all be assembled and all graphics fitted accept for the rear sidecovers, fork protectors and swingarm.
Then it is just your job to remove the fuel pump and reserve sensor from the rear tank and fit the blank off plates, run the other wires, and follow the instructions to dismantle and reassemble the kit.
We are still continually making small improvements, and these will be sent on to kit purchasers as we come up with changes. They are only minor things, but it’s all about perfection and building it for longevity.
I will post some photos of the assembled components vey soon.
I am available always to talk about these bikes and other adventure “stuff” on 0428621211 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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