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Below is a suggested list of accessories, some items already have a small amount of labour included for fitting, and other items we will either supply or fit free of charge.
In some cases depending on how many accessories are purchased, we will definitely give a sizeable discount.
76505099000 Akropovic Muffler         retail $1176,
OR Barrett Muffler                                     $550
Fork springs standard are 5.4, available are 6.0 at $275.    Genuine White Power springs only come up to 5.6, White Power fork springs retail at $275 plus fitting equalling about $335 fitted..
Rear springs standard are 80/220, these are most suited for riders up to about 80/85 KGs depending on the skill level. A less aggressive rider who is over 85KGs would still get away with the standard spring complete with there gear.
Available are 8.95 or 9.84 or 10. Ten is most suitable for 110 KG rider plus all gear. These are an Eibach spring and best to be fitted by a suspension specialist as they are fiddly to fit. Heavier Genuine White Power springs only come in 85/220, White Power springs retail for $295 plus fitting.
On the trip across Australia, I had the standard rear spring and was carrying 50 L of fuel, 9 L of water, swag, backpack, and saddlebags full of bladders, spares, food and minimal clothes, I am 82 KGs and the bike worked okay. I did turn the high-speed compression adjustment to full hard to compensate for the standard spring.
I ran standard KTM950SE springs in the front which were 58’s, I wound the compression out six clicks and the rebound in 15 clicks from standard and this gave a very predictable and comfortable ride, previous to this adjustment front end was jarring on some hits.
With all the rebound adjustment I gave it to get right, it makes me wonder if a lot of the so called fork problems of the earlier 690’s was only down to setting up.
You will notice that the genuine White Power springs fit the gap missing between the standard spring rates and where the springs from Shock Treatment start in size.
Unifilter    Airfilter                                                                 $85.
KAA purge Unit, to flush fuel filter.                                         $330
Pro Fill filter sock                     .                                            $30
78901939344 47mm Bar Risers                                               $90
OR OROX1RP2PPA   Risers                                                    $165
Weathershield Barkbusters                                                       $175  . 
(BBHG30RWD $50- BBHG5 $55- BBTC06 $70)
Fork Bleeders RHKPRV020                                                       $35
My Preference. Scott Damper, Under Mount.                             $780   These dampers are identical to the Ohlins. I have used Unic (the original), Ohlins and Scott since 1988. All the same.
I have only seen the new EXC mount this week and am waiting on info/ photos of the 690 mount. If it is similar to the EXC, it will be my preference both in the price and the mount. Will confirm that.
KTM Steering Damper 76512905000                                         $802
OR   Ohlins Damper 58512050100                                            $748
Plus bracket 58512050144                                                        $75
Plus bracket  76512006044                                                       $339 Deals can be arranged.
Diablo Tank Bag                                                                       $330
OR KTM 75012919000 Bag                                                       $246
Custom forward mounted close fitting fitting saddlebag racks       $440
Andy Strapz Expedition Bags                                                     $330
B&B Alloy carrier                                                                      $195
60103923050 Stand Base.                                                         $90
OF691 Oxford Heated Grips                                                      $140     Plus fitting. = total $280.
Bridgestone Ultra H/D Tubes, 300x 21 and 4.60x18 inch             $60Each
Screw on wheel balance weights                                                $10 Each, can use 6 to 8 depending on tyre and wheel.
Front tyre preference is Michelin Starcross HP4 if available.         $140
Rear tyre preference is Dunlop 606 130/90 x18                           $145
OR Mitas 130/80 x 18 Dakar for extra long wear.                        $180
OR Dunlop Rally Raid for long as trips.                                       $320
Footpegs. We were hoping to secure the Fastway Adventure Foot Pegs, but due to the mounting system on the 690, it appears these do not fit.
We should see stock of these arriving from a manufacturer we have commissioned shortly.
The pegs I currently use and I used across Australia were called SWMotech and were a larger peg overall as well as being 20 mil wider, they also can be adjusted to 15 ml lower for taller riders.
Another option is to get the billet or steel foot peg extensions and fit them to the original pegs, this would be fine except you cannot lower them.
This is only a guide to what we run and use.

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