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 Adventure Riding

Adventure Bikes

Get the latest information on Adventure riding, new bikes, products, upcoming rides and FAQs.


RIDE KTM  Adventure News





Recommended Parts and Accessories for the KTM 700 

Hard Kits Part List for the KTM 700

KTM 700 Saddlebag Rack Fitment

Assembly Manual for the KTM 700RR Adventure

The current prototype of the KTM 700 (with photos)

A couple of more stories on the KTM 700:

KTM 700 Story 

Tony Kirby Memorial Ride

Adventure Booking Information for the Tony Kirby Memorial Ride

Learn more of this exciting new single cylinder, KTM690 Rally inspired Adventure bike.


More Photos from testing of the KTM 700

Check out more photos of the KTM 700 - also see them at our own Smug Mug Website.

See more photos of the KTM 700 on the way to meet up with the crew at Kenilworth

The KTM700 is now available - see the flyer and order now!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." target="_self">Latest Adventure News November 2013

The finished KTM700RR as it prepares to head to the Sydney Motor Show

Phil Hodgens doing a 360 degree in a plane. He best stick to 2 wheels and not 2 wings

Cross Australia on the KTM 700RR and Spot Track Link

KTM 700RR Exclusive - As featured in Adventure Rider Magazine

Latest photos of the new KTM 1190

The New KTM 1190 Photo #1









The New KTM 1190 Photo #2









The New KTM 1190 #3









The New KTM 1190 Photo #4










The New KTM 1190 Photo #5










The New KTM 1190 Photo #6










The New KTM 1190 Photo #7










Adventure Frequently Asked Question's

The FI FILTER PURGE KIT is an easily installed computerised part, that tests so far have revealed to keep your fuel filters clean indefinitely.
Fitting instructions included. (See instructions here)
Now includes a genuine KTM plug with the kit!...
Valued at $330 AUD plus freight.

The EFI Filter Purge Unit will fit straight to the KTM990 Adventure simply by unplugging your fuel pump power wires, and plugging the unit in to the KTM wiring harness.
Then fix the unit under the battery box by zip tie and attach the power wire to the positive terminal and your ready for the bad fuel of Outback Australia.

Contact Dalby Moto, 19 Hospital Rd, Dalby 4405. Qld . Aust.
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Although far from being one of the first people in Australia to go adventure riding, there was definitely nowhere near the interest in this great form of riding back in 1995 when Craig Hartley headed off with the BOUGI (bad, old, ugly, good, insane) BOYS for a four-day ride to the Carnarvon Ranges, eight months later he found himself with the same crew plus a few more on the Yamaha XTZ660 Tenere on a four week ride around Australia and up the Canning stock Route. That to Craig was a life changing experience that was desperately needed after 12 years of building up a motorcycle business, and is highly recommended for anyone with a stress problem.

Craig recalls Bob Melvin saying after six days on the back roads of Australia,” if you think the crew are relaxing now wait until you see them at the end of two weeks”, and how right he was, the world takes on a whole new outlook when you are seriously out their riding with mainly only yourself and your bike to worry about.

With a pile of kilometres and a list of bikes you couldn't jump over Craig and Dalby Moto have positioned themselves as leaders in the field of Adventure riding in Australia, having been No 1 Adventure Dealer in Australia for KTM seven years in a row.

Dalby Moto's current list of adventure bikes are a fully set up KTM950 Adventure, a Yamaha XTZ660 Tenere, a demo Yamaha XTZ1200 Tenere and a KTM690 about to be set up for some rides, so, clients have a great selection of adventure bikes to test ride.

By far from being the only person to ride Adventure bikes at Dalby Moto, Craig has encouraged many of his staff to come on rides so that they can understand and experience one of the great things in life, but more importantly, to be able to understand what you require from your Adventure Bike. Justin Jansen for example has experienced three trips on the Yamaha XTZ660 Tenere in 2010 with his last trip being to Cape York, you might say he's a bit addicted.

On our adventure online website, we will eventually have the parts we fit to each different bike by model, so that you can literally select your model and peruse the parts list we would fit to those bikes.

So for all your Adventure needs, be it bike set up, servicing and advice, or even a few hints on where to go in Australia give the team at Dalby Moto a call.

If you would like to get the latest information on Adventure riding, be it about new bikes, products or upcoming rides we hear of around Australia feel free to subscribe to our Adventure e-mail list.

adventure riding

Walking bikes through water on a recent adventure ride, click on the following links for more images:

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Franco Ambrosio on Dalby Moto :

For fear of adding another email to your inbox, it must be said that you're an exceptional human being. 
I must be one of thousands upon thousands of customers/riders demanding your time/expertise and you have never failed to deliver: 

(1)discussing my dream 690 setup for hours in person at your shop and the bike show as well as by phone/email; 

(2)spending your day off seeing if the 950SE tank would fit the 690R frame without my even having bought the bike yet; 

(3)delivering my 690 in the middle of the night all the way from Dalby gratis then still giving me a complete handover; 

(4)sorting out my warranty claim pronto; 

(5)giving me an awesome itinerary to Barossa via Wilpena I wouldn't have otherwise tried.

I'll say it again: Dalby Moto is the very best!



The Yamaha Super Tenere is a large adventure bike that ticks a lot of boxes in all the right places.

Ride comfort is second to none with a brilliant seat for both pillion and rider, and to back that up the only bike Robyn will usually sit on the back of is a GL1800 Luxury Goldwing and she liked it.
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