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The Purge unit fits in to the area under the bashplate and is secured by
tape and a ziptie, the main wires are KTM  plugs, and plug straight in to the fuel pump/wiring harness.
The short wire connects to the jump start terminal on the right side of the bike behind the bashplate.

1.    Remove front 2 bolts from bashplate and let it hang down.
2.    Under the battery carrier there are 2 plastic prongs that were used for the fuel pump of the
      original KTM950Adv. Drill a 6ml hole centrally in the lower end of each of the prongs. The centre
      of the hole should be 7-8ml above the lower end of the plastic prongs.
3.    With contact cleaner or petrol, clean the under side of the battery case in around the prongs to
      the size of the unit.
4.    Run the long zip tie through both holes and back over itself and loosely attach the zip tie
5.    Remove the yellow tape and locate the unit through the zip tie with the short wire to the right
      side of the bike, press it upwards to seal the tape and fasten the zip tie. Cut off excess.
6.    Remove the rubber cover on jump start termlnal and undo brass termjnal, place the blue wire
      on to the terminal thread and replace the parts removed. The unit uses the fuse of the origina|
      KTM fuel system in the glove box.
7.    Run black and red wires from right side past rear of purge unit and direct up behind voltage
      regulator on  left side of bike. You will see 2 locating areas for cables beside the fuel line. Plug
      will protrude above regulator rectifier. Place a zip tie around cable behind purge unit to securely
8.    Run wires from left side of unit through the other locating area behind the reg rect, so plug also
      sits above reg rect.
9.    Unplug fuel pump power wires and simpIy plug purge unit in to the 2 plugs. You should be able
      to do this without removing left side tank. If the plug is hard to get at, remove lower tank bolt
      and you shou|d be able to pull tank out enough with assistance to undo plug. If still hard, loosen
      rear tank bolt to give more movement.

The unit will purge your fuel filter 30 seconds after you turn off the ignition.

You should now be able to enjoy hassle free fuel filter usage from your pride and joy.

For any queries contact Craig Hartley on 0428 621 211

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Franco Ambrosio on Dalby Moto :

For fear of adding another email to your inbox, it must be said that you're an exceptional human being. 
I must be one of thousands upon thousands of customers/riders demanding your time/expertise and you have never failed to deliver: 

(1)discussing my dream 690 setup for hours in person at your shop and the bike show as well as by phone/email; 

(2)spending your day off seeing if the 950SE tank would fit the 690R frame without my even having bought the bike yet; 

(3)delivering my 690 in the middle of the night all the way from Dalby gratis then still giving me a complete handover; 

(4)sorting out my warranty claim pronto; 

(5)giving me an awesome itinerary to Barossa via Wilpena I wouldn't have otherwise tried.

I'll say it again: Dalby Moto is the very best!



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