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KTM 700 Adventure Progress

We are on the way, the first bike got picked up on the 6/1/14, bike number 2 is going out today and we have half a dozen confirmed on the board. In the next 2-3  weeks it is my intention to contact everyone we have spoken to in the last 6 months to see what the intentions are for placing orders.

KTM 700RR heading across Australia

Fellow Adventure Riders,
I'll keep this short and sweet as I should be getting on the new KTM 700RR that Darren Wilson and I have developed over the last 18 months in the next hour or so to head off on a new all dirt across Australia crossing from Byron Bay to Steep Point.

KTM 700RR Exclusive

KTM 700RR Exclusive


ktm700rr exclusive article

In 1998 KTM introduced the KTM 640 Adventure, this bike represented everything that was needed in a solid adventure bike. There was not another single cylinder adventure bike on the market like it, and this continued true right through to its demise in 2007.

The bike boasted a host of features like, 26-28 L fuel tank standard, high quality long travel suspension, strong front and rear disc brakes, good fully integrated fairing, comfortable seat, strong rear subframe, and great looks that were still popular after 10 years of production. Even when the bike was taken off the market in 2007, there was still not another single cylinder adventure bike that would hold a candle to it.

Yes, over the years, if you were lucky you may have been able to buy a new KTM660 or KTM690 Rally, but you had to be prepared to shell out $45,000 plus, and then in many cases there was no compliance plate for legal registration. Or you may have been able to buy a second hand one of these bikes which would often sell for between $25-$30,000.

KTM did replace the brilliant 640 Adventure with the KTM 690 Enduro, but this was a trail bike, no doubt with better handling and a more refined motor, but where was the Adventure.

The mind boggles, as just like Yamaha did in the late 80’s/90’s when they had their Dakar winning 660 Tenere Rally, that with some street legal refinements would have been the most awesome adventure bike in the world, now KTM have replicated their every move and done away with the KTM 640 Adventure, and have not replaced it with a street legal Rally styled bike that was already built and tested and would perfectly fill the single cylinder adventure market. KTM have a long history of Dakar wins with the KTM 660 Rally, and then the KTM 690 Rally, which with some street legal refinements would and will still make the most awesome single cylinder adventure bike in the world.


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