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Dalby Moto is hereby officially offered for sale.

See the Flyer for further details.


After over 27 years of reaping the fruits of the motorcycle industry and enjoying the never-ending list of adventures and perks that go with owning a motorcycle business with three popular brands being Yamaha, Honda and KTM, Craig and Robyn Hartley have decided to move on to other ventures.

This is the perfect business for an enthusiast or group of enthusiasts to get involved in the passion they love.

Dalby Moto has a mass of features behind it that can only be found in a business that has been owned for over a quarter of a century.

Most importantly Dalby Moto has created a relationship with everyone they have dealt with, and is known as a place that gives honesty, great deals and exceptional customer backup.

Dalby Moto's database totals 22,000 names and addresses of customers and trail riders. Of this database there are over 4500 e-mails and growing.The total database is segregated into agriculture, trail, motocross, KTM and adventure sections so that marketing can be targeted to specific areas.

Agriculturally, the name of Dalby Moto is known far and wide. This has been achieved through attending events such as Farmfest, AG Show, a long list of country shows over the years and newspaper advertising and database mail outs.

From an Adventure riding aspect, Dalby Moto has been the Number 1 KTM Adventure Dealer in Australia for seven years.This has been achieved through passionately riding adventure bikes with groups of riders all over Australia, as well as having media relationships with people in the motorcycle magazine industry.

Trail Rides, since the early 1990s Dalby Moto has helped coordinate the largest trail ride series in Australia- possibility the largest trail ride series in the world. This has been achieved by pulling together a group of Parents and Citizens Associations throughout South East Queensland. Dalby Moto gathers the names and addresses of the riders attending and then by website, e-mail and mail out, notifies riders of upcoming rides. There are now 17 trail rides on the calendar for the year.

Dalby Moto has recently upgraded the website so we can get more deeply involved in supplying information and news events in an efficient manner, this combined with the online store has great potential to penetrate deeper in to the world of the internet.

Dalby Moto employs an in-house accountant and combined with our fully integrated Dealer Pro computer system can measure on a daily basis workshop productivity, work in progress, motorcycle sales, spare parts sales, as well as calculating operating expenses and supply of Profit and Loss and all other accounting needs. All this is an important aspect in running a business and keeping a finger on the pulse, even if you are not at the business.

The computer and phone system caters for phones and computers at 12 terminals.

Dalby Moto’s staff structure is designed in a way that it can effectively run itself with managers in each Dept, that are responsible for the overall daily running of the business, combined with this we have a lot of experienced and long-term staff in each Dept that can overcome any customers motorcycle needs or problems. Craig Hartley, the Dealer Principle has not worked a full day in the business since September 2010, he still works on the business, but not in the business.

The serviced department of Dalby Moto is run under the Pro Plan management system and is equipped with everything to ensure that all work can be done in-house in a more cost effective and timely manner, this includes dyno machine, cylinder re-boring machine, cylinder head valve re-facing machine, Mig and Tig welder, lathe, press, tyre changing machine, a large range of Honda, Yamaha and KTM special tools plus a host of other electrical testing tools, suspension service equipment and accumulated motorcycle tools related to the industry.

For more information contact Craig Hartley on 0428 621 211 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download the Information Memorandum for further details.



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